NAPIER locals have shown overwhelming support for the cycling carnival.

There were 2000 letters sent to residents affected by road closures and not one objection was submitted.

Napier City Council's Events Manager Kevin Murphy said this was because of the city's willingness to support new events.

"We have had an amazing reaction from the public," Mr Murphy said.


During the formal process council didn't receive any opposition at all.

"We actually had quite a few positive comments."

The council put a major focus on safety and said the feedback was a big win from a traffic safety management point of view.

The traffic management plan took nearly four months to get signed off.

"The effort has been huge."

The council led the bid to bring the event to the Bay, working alongside Cycling New Zealand and Event director Ivan Aplin.

Mr Murphy said the carnival was not only about the city hosting a quality race but linking the opportunity for other events which would be more family orientated.

He said it was also a chance to focus on the cycle trail network and what cycling has to offer for the region.

"Right throughout the region the council have made a big investment in the cycling trail network and we are really starting to see the benefit of tourists coming in and using those networks."

"Over the summer period we thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to be able to wrap what we are doing on a recreational cycling capacity with the elite competition."