Te Mata Mushroom Company has accused Hawke's Bay Regional Council of keeping it in the dark.

The council is prosecuting Te Mata for six allegedly smelly discharges between March and April.

The 48-year-old Havelock North company has been the subject of regular complaints from a nearby new housing development about the odour it produces when making compost.

In Hastings District Court yesterday Te Mata's counsel Lara Blomfield sought a second adjournment of the case, telling Judge Geoff Rae full disclosure was not provided by the council. Information arrived on Friday afternoon but had gaps, she said.


The council's counsel, Jonathan Krebs, said sufficient time and information was provided and the matter should proceed.

"This is just delaying tactics," he said.

Judge Geoff Rae said he was not happy being asked to rule of the adequacy of the disclosure first up on a busy "list day", with dozens of cases waiting to be heard. He suggested the matter be argued at the end of the day, in order to best manage the court's time. It was adjourned until September 8.