An internationally renowned doctor who has been a proponent of euthanasia for 30 years is scheduled to give a talk about "End of life choice" in Napier next month.

Dr Rob Jonquiere is a retired doctor who began working out of Hengelo in the Netherlands, where during the 1970s he set up patient "life crises" participation events.

He said he cared for many people over the years who were dying and who told him they could not stand to suffer any more.

"I complied with several euthanasia requests," he has said in a biography.


In 1999, he took up the position of chief executive officer of the NVVE - the Dutch Right to Die organisation.

"In this way I could make contributions to legislation - could make it more possible to patients to ask their doctors for assistance in dying, meanwhile no longer committing a crime - and to make the process transparent in order for doctors to stay outside the criminal procedures."

Dr Jonquiere has travelled around the world giving presentations on euthanasia and has been to New Zealand before.

He is currently the communications director of the World Right to Die Organisation.

His Napier presentation will take place at 10.30am on Thursday March 5 at the Tamatea Community Church, with entry by gold coin donation.

Those attending will be able to ask questions after his address. Labour MP Iain Lees-Galloway, who has been pushing for an "end of life choice" bill, will also attend.