Cranford Hospice general manager Helen Blaxland said she was still coming to terms, in a delighted way, with the numbers on the cheque she was handed in the wake of the 2014 Hospice Holly Trail staged this month.

A cheque for $250,000 was the result of the event which is staged every two years and specifically to raise much-needed funding for the hospice.

"The sum is totally amazing and every time they hold it this wonderful committee raises the bar."

Mrs Blaxland said the 2012 event had been a stand-out through raising $220,000.


"This time they've come up with $30,000 more."

It was estimated the event drew more than 2500 people from across the country.

She paid tribute to the Hospice Holly Trail Committee and all those involved in the special ticket-only Christmas presentation of homes and properties in the greater Havelock North area.

"Their creativity inspires us - they always come up with new homes and new ideas."

Mrs Blaxland was also grateful to the "hundreds of volunteers" including students of the choirs from Woodford House, Iona College and Hereworth School in Havelock North.

"It is so great to have children become part of the support for this," she said.

She said the number of young people who took part in this year's event effectively reflected the way Cranford touched everyone right across the community.

Cancer, and the care of the dying, touched all ages and she said the hospice motto of "live every moment" combined with the support given by the community allowed staff to ensure patients lived life to the full in the time they had left.

The hospice had a budget of about $2 million a year, which needed to be raised, and Mrs Blaxland said knowing that every two years the holly trail would kick in and come up with such valuable funding was "fantastic".