The majority of Hastings voters are still undecided who should lead our country for the next three years.

Hawke's Bay Today did an unscientific snap poll of 50 people yesterday to see what the vibe on the street is for this year's general election.

The members of the public who took part were asked: "If an election was held today who would get your party vote?

While Labour had the most votes 12 (24 per cent), followed closely by National 9 (18 per cent) it was the undecided people who topped the poll with a staggering 21 (42 per cent).


The Green Party were third with four votes, then Mana with two and New Zealand First and the Conservative Party each grabbing a vote each.

Many of those who were undecided said there had been too much bickering among the parties which had put many of them off making a decision.

Hastings' Kara Gemmell said he was looking to vote Labour come September 20.

"They have a better view of the country and are looking after families and stuff more."

But Mary Hooper was looking to keep the status quo.

"I'm going National. There is so much other stuff going on. They are all talking about dirty politics and trying to score off one another. I just think they need to get on with the business at hand."

Zack Taylor was also a fan of the blue machine.

"They [National] just need to carry on doing what they are doing."

Some of those who were looking to vote red said it was because they didn't trust Prime Minister John Key.

While many of those polled tended to make their decision on what was happening nationally, Alice Smith said she was impressed with Tukituki candidate Anna Lorck: "Give her a go. I think we are due for a change."

Although the Maori Party has three seats in Parliament, it failed to get a vote in yesterday's poll. But Mana managed to pick up two votes. The Act Party also failed to make an impression with those taking part in the poll.

*Tomorrow Hawke's Bay Today will do another snap street poll in Napier.

Street poll of 50 people in Hastings yesterday
If an election was held today who would get your party vote?

*National: 9 (18 per cent)
*Labour: 12 (24pc)
*Green: 4 (8pc)
*Mana Party: 2 (4pc)
*NZ First: 1 (2pc)
*Conservative Party: 1 (2pc)
*Maori Party: 0
*Act: 0
*Don't Know: 21 (42pc)