Jobs, a tougher stance on crime and encouragement for farmers are high on the agenda for the Conservative Party's Wairarapa candidate, Brent Reid.

Mr Reid is standing for the second time for the party - and hopes to increase his party vote from 2011 and help boost the Conservative profile in the region.

In 2011 he claimed 4.4 per cent of the candidate vote in Wairarapa, with 1476 votes.

The Masterton-based candidate said his main priorities are business growth and crime prevention, but his biggest motivation is to be a voice for "traditional family values" in his electorate.


"I believe there is a traditional conservative vote here that needs a voice," he said.

"I chose to align with the Conservatives because they tick all the boxes that are important to me.

"Plus, parties like the Conservatives help anchor [New Zealand] when Labour and National have been governing with the slimmest of margins."

One of Mr Reid's priorities is creating more job opportunities for workers in difficult economic times.

He works as an engineer, and said he has known hard times since the global financial crisis of 2008.

"I know what it's like to be made redundant, but to bounce back.

"It is important we ensure stable work opportunities here in Wairarapa."

He also feels strongly about maintaining key infrastructure, community safety and supporting farming.


"Farmers in our region need to be encouraged not hindered and the Conservatives are opposed to any form of carbon taxing systems."

Mr Reid said he is also opposed to separate Maori seats in Parliament.

"Being Maori myself, I no longer see a need for this separate roll because Maori are now in all parties represented in our Parliament. At least 60 per cent of registered Maori voters are not on the Maori roll."