More private land is being made available for access to the Clifton Motor Camp - but it's hoped it will never be needed.

Clifton Station owner Angus Gordon said the erosion which has repeatedly attacked the access road to the camp at the gateway to Cape Kidnappers during the past four years appears to have slowed.

"We, personally, believe the worst damage has been done," he said, confirming more land would be made available to the camper-based Clifton Reserve Society if needed.

It would be the fourth time the station had provided more land since 2009, and the station would be unlikely to be able to provide further land, but the family wants the camp and its campers to stay.


Councils had "abandoned everything", he said, explaining the family's "ongoing" agreement to help. "So we're the only ones left."

Most of the worst damage had happened in the two years from 2009, after the regional council "took away all the protection."

"It had been there 40 years," he said.

A succession of storms have removed up to 30m of foreshore in the worst spots, in the area in front of the station's homestead.

Clifton Reserve Society spokeswoman Linda Hogan said the Gordon family was being "very kind and very generous".

"We're fine at the moment," she said

"It's a precaution but we are very grateful."