A roundabout that has sprung up at one of Napier's busiest intersections will be in place only as long as it takes to complete roadworks there.

Napier City Council road asset manager Jon Schwass said, "The question has been asked." However, the answer was, "No" and there were no plans for a permanent roundabout at the intersection of Tennyson, Station and Thackeray Sts.

There had been conjecture over the years about the best methods of controlling and directing traffic at the intersection, but Mr Schwass said its proximity to the railway line through the city made a roundabout unsuitable.

Traffic lights had been in use for many years and an upgraded system being installed seemed likely to be in use at least as long.


The road surface rebuilding project started about a fortnight ago and would continue for several weeks, continuing some disruption for traffic using the intersection, the link between the CBD and major east-west arterial Kennedy Rd.

Mr Schwass said the road surface had "failed", and while it was being replaced the council was "taking the opportunity" to replace ducting for the traffic control system, changes to which would be largely unnoticed by users.