More than 200 people are expected to take to the streets tomorrow in Napier to show their opposition to Governmental proposals to create a Trans-Pacific Partnership.

As part of a countrywide campaign tagged the New Zealand Rally Against Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPPA) a Hawke's Bay protest march will set out from Clive Square at 1pm heading up Emerson St.

Up to 3000 people are expected to take part in protest marches across New Zealand at the same time.

On its website the It's Our Future group says plans to introduce TPPA threaten the country's democracy and self-determination. "If it goes ahead, we risk damage to our innovative economy, our pristine environment, our health, and the ability to shape our own future," the site declares.


One of those who plans to march and make his voice heard is Alan Brigden of Waipawa who said he had "real fears" for the country's future if TPPA went ahead.

"I have been following this for some time and have real concerns. I'm from the UK and the EU (European Union) have done very bad things there ... and I don't want to see bad things happen here but they will if we let this go ahead."

He said the greatest threat was that the country would end up being run by corporates and the TPPA would operate behind closed doors making decisions that would affect all New Zealanders.

"We have young and old coming along - businesspeople, people from the wine industry - people from across the board."

The Government has dismissed critics of the scheme as being anti-trade and opposed to foreign investment.