I took my overseas visitors to Cornwall Park. They were most impressed , as was I. The John Holt house & Chinese Garden are particularly lovely. Well done HDC for your excellent caretaking of this priceless asset.

Beth, Napier

Cycle lanes


We have a new cycle lane down Norton Rd, where's the centre line to separate the traffic going in different directions? Come on HCC get your act together!


Re new cycle lanes: When cyclists pay rego and ACC levy I'll stop driving in lanes.

Other thoughts

Labour would do better to wipe ETS tax. There's an old saying: When the Cockies are doing well we all do well. Farmers are spenders and we all benefit.

Just read with great sadness about roses being ripped out of Te Awa School, who let that happen?


Great to support Crusaders for home game at Napier. Shame Richie didn't bother to thank the local sellout crowd for their efforts when interviewed after the game.


Re the breast feeding debate. I don't think anyone minds a baby being breastfed, but I think the mothers could use a shawl when attaching or removing baby.

Querda is also extremely helpful at HDC recycle centre.

To the cop who parked his car on the wrong side of the road, facing the on coming traffic on a crest of a hill on Poraiti Rd at dusk to gasbag to his mate. You know who you are. You nearly caused a good smash. Shame on you, should know better.

Drilling across NZ: We will sit and wait for more earthquakes.


In reply to text don't buy from China. The same hormone which made the melons explode is used in NZ Kiwifruit. Has been in NZ since 1993, check it out.

Re prisons cost money' great solution. A 50 ft, 10 thousand volt fence and some pellets to put their tents on which they would have to bring with them! 'Cheap as chips'.

Could Mr Snee, the boss of DHB, please explain why they allow people to bring bags and bags of McDonalds and KFC into the hospital? I thought you weren't allowed to bring that food into hospital. It stinks the whole room and place out.


Further to the text regarding overseas workers, as an orchardist about 3-4 years ago we were informed by the Government we had to employ people who were on an unemployment benefit. We had everything around our property that was not bolted down stolen, that is why we now employ overseas people. We have not had a problem since.

Many thanks to the young lads who handed in my purse, New World, Havelock North, Saturday. Good one for honesty.


Well here we go again. The HDC seem to have a bottomless pit when it comes to spending ratepayers' money. Revamping the Heretaunga Street strip to be finished in time for world cup. Get real. Look around outside the main street. Shoddy footpaths. Overgrown trees. Broken glass.

Isabella Snow re giving up smoking - the Government tax-take is the greatest cost.

Garth McVicar says it all in his excellent letter. If only this country wasn't so PC we could really be positive leaders in the fight against crime.

Garth McVicar - brilliant you're the man.