A smile was on the face of French-born Napier resident Gerard Flaschner when he pondered which land would be smiling on the conclusion of the Rugby World Cup.
"I have got a great chance to say we won," he said.
"I have got New Zealand and French nationality ... and also South African."
Mr Flaschner left France for South Africa in 1969. While he was there he "met this lovely Kiwi lady and so, here I am", he said.
"A foot in three camps ... I can't lose," he laughed.
Even so, two of his brunch companions at a "French quarter" gathering at Madison's Cafe courtyard in Napier yesterday were English - and were quick to remind him that England had a pretty good World Cup record.
Another at the table said the final would be between a team in a black jersey and a team in a blue jersey. That went down well, and then the accordion and guitar struck up again with a quick and jaunty singalong to the classic children's song Gentille Alouette, and then a relaxed rendition of La Mer.
Then a few more croissants and some coffee. "But it is gone 11.20am - not too early for a Pernod?" Mr Flaschner suggested with a glint in his eye.
The occasion was a brunch for supporters of France in Napier, who were celebrating the 100-day countdown to the start of the World Cup.
With the CBD set to be divided into French, Japanese, Canadian and New Zealand quarters for the fortnight-long Cup tournament in September, local French supporters figured they would get into the mood first.
Meg Rodel, of Napier Inner City Marketing, said during the Cup fortnight the "quarters" would feature food and festivities from the respective nations.
"It will be fun, and not so much a case of rivalry - more camaraderie," she said.