Marcus Leon Wayne McGregor, 18, and Camer' />

Two young men who broke into a Woodville possum factory have been dubbed "the dumbest pair of burglars ever".
Marcus Leon Wayne McGregor, 18, and Cameron Stuart Hayes, 19, were jointly charged with burglary to which they pleaded guilty in Dannevirke District Court but Hayes was appearing for a disputed facts hearing.
However, the hearing did not go ahead after prosecution and defence counsel for both men struck a deal to pay the reparation in exchange for a discharge without conviction.
The court had previously heard that at 10pm on November 4 last year, McGregor and Hayes drove to the factory and took gloves, bags for the possum fur and skins and masking tape to cover the registration plates on their vehicle.
Prosecutor Sergeant Mike Toon said: "Once at the factory, Hayes climbed on to a roof area and smashed a window to gain entry. The defendants then collected together some 200kg of possum fur valued at about $100 a kilogram, along with dried possum skins."
The pair were disturbed by police who had been called to investigate the vehicle that had its registration plates covered.
The pair fled and drove back to Dannevirke.
"They have then driven to Woodville where they dumped the car on the side of the road and later reported it as being stolen."
A total of 45.54kg of fur, $55 cash and 47 dried possum skins were taken from the factory.
After the skins had been returned, $4309 was the value of the property outstanding. It was also estimated it cost $300 to repair the broken window and clean up the mess caused by the defendants. Both men admitted to taking the 47 skins but claimed to have no knowledge of the outstanding 42.54kg of possum fur or the $55 cash.
Defence counsel Amber McLean and Catherine Clarkson both indicated they would be applying for a discharge without conviction as the men had applied to go into the army.
"I have received a letter saying the army will look favourably at the application if there is no conviction," Miss Clarkson said.
Judge Tony Adeane said the actions of the pair were dumb.
"Covering the licence plates was stupid."
Reparation of $2205 was sought from each man.
"Mr McGregor did have a job but is no longer employed and is looking for another," Miss Clarkson said.
"At this stage, he is facing financial hardship but he is a young man who is keen to do something with his life and has a good ambition to go into the army.
"If he is allowed to pay off the reparation, this would help him greatly."
Hayes was ordered to make reparation in full by the end of the week.
"Mr McGregor, I am warning you that the reparation is pivotal," Judge Adeane said. "If you don't pay it, you won't get discharged and you need to enter into an agreement to make payments.
"I hope this is the last time we see either of you in court."