Police are waiting to talk to a fourth young man before deciding whether to make any arrests over a random drive-by shooting in Napier on Sunday, in which a man was shot with a slug rifle.
A 50-year-old man was shot in the stomach while socialising with friends outside the Thirsty Whale bar on West Quay in the suburb of Ahuriri, central Napier, about 2.30am.
The man had to have the slug pellet removed from his abdomen. He was shocked about the attack, but had recovered well, Detective Sergeant Emmet Lynch said.
Police believe the shot was fired by one of three occupants of a silver Nissan Skyline GTS sedan that passed by just metres away.
The owner came forward after he realised his car had been used in the shooting while he had lent it out. He gave police details about who had been in the vehicle, and police had interviewed two of the three men believed to have been involved.
``We need to interview all parties involved prior to making decisions,'' Mr Lynch said.
A third man had not been found, but police hoped to talk to him early next week. The men were aged between 19 and 21, and did not know the victim.
``I think it's just a random, stupid act,'' he said.
``It's a criminal act really, but they probably considered it to be a prank at the time.''
Security camera footage from the bar had also been helpful, showing the car and the victim. The shooting was not visible, but it showed how close they were.
The weapon was a fairly low-powered slug rifle but could easily have caused serious injury, he said.