A Massey University research team needs 1000 pregnant women to take part in a sleep study.
The study, called E Moe, Mama, will track the women's sleep patterns and examine how patterns change during and after pregnancy.
Sleep researcher Sarah-Jane Paine said the study needed 500 Maori and 500 non-Maori to take part.
``We are doing the research to understand how sleep for wahine hapu (pregnant women) changes during pregnancy and after birth, and how those changes might affect a mother's birth experience and her mood,'' she said.
More than 600 women had enrolled in the study so far but only 70 were Maori, Dr Paine said.
``We need to get pregnant Maori women involved to make sure that this important research provides information that is useful for Maori and non-Maori women,'' she said.
Participants would be required to fill out several confidential questionnaires during their pregnancy.
The study has funding support from the Health Research Council.