If, like me, you wear eyeliner but are finding it, shall we say, a little bit challenging to see what you are doing, then I have the solution for you - permanent eyeliner.
Hawke's Bay professional makeup artist Vania Bailey has added this talent to her ever-growing list.

She says permanent eyeliner is fantastic for those ladies who want fuss-free makeup.
"It's great for those that struggle to apply eyeliner as it will never melt off your face, so to speak," Vania says.

No more panda eyes.

Vania, also known as 'The Brow Queen', is a specialist in feather touch tattoo, or microblading.


I had my brows done by Vania in late 2016 and then had a touch up early last year, so I was well overdue for another visit.

As Vania said, "The joy of having eyebrows is to not let the follow up lapse otherwise we have to go back to square one and it will be more expensive."

I was also having permanent eyeliner applied to my upper eyelid. I was a tad worried about this. I didn't want it to look like thick black eyeliner. However, Vania assured me the look was very subtle and because I trust her so much I was relaxed as she prepared to start.

Applying permanent makeup takes a lot of skill and it has taken Vania "years to learn this art".

"Permanent eyeliner is especially good for older women as the older we get, the more sallow our skin looks. Eyes tend to disappear and we lose our brows.

"Permanent makeup helps with all of this. With the eyeliner we are not going for the thick, heavy look - New Zealand women don't suit that.

"Instead I go so close to the lashes that it gives the impression that your lashes are thicker and opens up the eye area."

There is no fear of your eye opening while Vania is applying the liner. She holds it shut. It is a strange sensation, it feels as if someone is scratching your eyelid and at times it was a little bit tickly. It certainly didn't hurt. Vania also touched up my brows.


I am thrilled with the results. It really is fuss-free makeup.

There is some after care and as Vania said "it's just as important as the procedure".
No eye makeup for three days, new mascara, new pillowcase, no swimming for a week and no sweating for a couple of days. Vania also sends you home with some cream to apply.

"I love what I do, it's my passion," Vania says. "I pride myself on my boutique service. No one is rushed in and out. It's all about you. I love empowering women by giving them their confidence back."

Her motto is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi - "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

That says it all, really.

*Vania Bailey is a professional makeup artist, also known as Hawke's Bay's Brow Queen. She has a waiting list, but it's well worth the wait. Go to Vania Inc, vania.co.nz