Estelle Taylor has stars in her eyes as she heads off to Paris to perform as Minnie Mouse in Disneyland.

It's a dream come true for the 21-year-old. When Hawke's Bay Today last interviewed Estelle in June 2015 she was 18 and had just won a scholarship to study at a Melbourne performing arts school having learned contemporary jazz dance since she was a small girl.

Back then she said, "My future plans include dancing and I hope this could take me travelling, like doing a tour or perhaps a job on a cruise liner."

"This is such an amazing opportunity and I am really looking forward to it," Estelle said.


"I guess I should say 'I look forward to dancing', but mostly, I am excited at the prospect of exploring Paris via the Metro, then Europe, and especially I am excited to learn the backstage workings of Disneyland."

It was while she was studying at the Edge Performance School (where she was headed in 2015) that Disneyland brought their auditions to Melbourne, as they do every year.

Ms Taylor attended the auditions spread throughout the year. "Hundreds of girls were auditioning for the acting and dancing rounds," she said.

"The last was an interview - that's how I got the job. Just one other girl was selected to be in Paris with me and her name is Claudia."

She will be playing a variety of roles, not only Minnie Mouse and Mickey, but many other characters, she will also be dancing in the parades at Disneyland.

Accommodation is provided in apartments close to Disneyland with performers coming from anywhere and everywhere in the world.

"They'll be similar to me, all dancers and performers it'll be such fun," she says excitedly.

"I don't know anyone in Paris, I've never been there before but I have been learning the language and Disneyland provides French lessons for their performers."

Her contract with Disneyland Paris is open-ended. After the usual three months trial period she can stay as long as she likes, although for most it is a seasonal contract of eight months.

"I will work quite regular hours five day weeks with two consecutive days off, about 35-40 hours a week.'

So what is Estelle's ultimate goal/dream? "This is a starting point really," she says.

"It is such a wonderful opportunity to travel with Disney, all around the world, to New York, London, California. But ultimately, I love the idea of working in stage musicals, that is what I'm hoping for."