New Zealand's voice of soul is coming to the Bay.

Hollie Smith will perform in the picturesque setting at Black Barn next week to drop her new album Water or Gold.

The 33-year-old said her new album will be edgier and more rocky than her previous two, but will maintain the essence that has seen her become one of the most in demand voices in soul.

"Audiences can expect more energy than your normal mellow Kiwi concert." Her debut album Long Player, reached number one on the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand albums chart in 2007, and certified double platinum.


Smith's 2009 single Bathe in the River topped the charts, spending 22 weeks in the top 10.

She said her early collaborations with Trinity Roots were among the highlights of her career.

"We had so much fun writing, performing and just

enjoying our roadtrips, it was a very enlightening experience."

Water or Gold will be her third full length solo release.

The 11 songs that make up the album were written over the past couple of years, and span times of both joy and sadness.

She said a lot of that joy came from her helping to raise the son of a now ex-partner.

"It's definitely made me more of a positive person, and a lot happier. You know, learning how to sacrifice and not holding on to things, looking at the simpler things in life."


Her favourite song changes on a daily basis when certain lyrics are more relevant.

"There is no common thread, I have just written about my experiences, overcoming difficulties and letting go of the things I can't control."

Also included is Smith's heart-breaking tribute to her good friend and media personality, Helena McAlpine, who died in 2015 after a long battle with breast cancer.

Helena captures the strength of Hollie's vocals, as well as the strength of a long-standing friendship.

She has been listening to music since she was two-years-old and draws inspiration from James Brown, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Billie Holiday, Kylie Minogue and about "10 million more."

Though she has opened for the likes of Bob Dylan, Coldplay and Simply Red, she considers her greatest success to be a happy healthy person making a living doing what she loves.

"I've worked very hard, now I just want to continue my career as long as possible."

Hollie Smith:

* Water Or Gold

* 7:30pm, Thursday, April 7

* Black Barn Vineyards, Havelock North