Summertime is the right time to let loose your inner beast, howl at the sky and rock out to These Automatic Changers.

The Aucklanders' debut album Have Mercy is rock & roll at its dirty bluesiest, primal and stonking.

Tribal chants introduce the album before the title track's low growl will start you nodding your head subconsciously.

Like Australia's Wolfmother, These Automatic Changers hark back to a wilder time, their sound oozing with classic rock vibe.


But there's more to them than that.

Album closer Trouble No More brings in the strings for a heartfelt grunge piece, while the interlude Toil introduces a chain-gang/slave chant over organ backing.

The bulk of the album, though, with its lashings of raw rock & roll is more than enough to keep guitar music fans happily head-banging long beyond the summer.

5 Jan, 2015 1:16pm
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