Hawke's Bay's MPs agree the arrival of low-cost airline Jetstar would be welcomed in the region.

They just can't agree to say it together.

Jetstar announced last month Hawke's Bay was among several destinations it was considering adding to its schedule from December.

It has asked regional leaders around the country to produce business cases highlighting the potential air travel growth opportunities from their areas by the end of next week before it makes a final decision by September.


Last month Tukituki MP Craig Foss launched a Facebook page in support of Jetstar coming to Hawke's Bay.

This week Mr Foss and fellow National MP Alastair Scott - whose neighbouring Wairarapa electorate includes parts of Central Hawke's Bay - put out a statement saying the region's leaders were "united in their efforts to bring Jetstar services to the Bay".

"MPs - including Napier's Stuart Nash - mayors, councillors, community and business leaders all welcome competition at our airport," Mr Foss said in the statement.

"Together we're sending a strong message to the Jetstar decision makers that we're passionate about creating more jobs, more opportunities for our region."

But Mr Nash said the message could have been even stronger.

He said he approached Mr Foss last week suggesting a joint National-Labour statement be released on an issue that was "not party political - it's what's right for the region".

Mr Nash said a joint statement would have sent the message to Jetstar and residents that the pair could work together on issues that were important to the region.

He had drafted a statement which "probably gave him [Mr Foss] the best quote" and sent it to his political rival, but the National MP declined to be involved.


"I think politicians from across the house working together on a non-political issue that is good for the region is a good look and I think it's what people expect from us," Mr Nash said.

He said he would continue to lobby Jetstar on his own but was disappointed an opportunity had been missed for the two MPs to meet the airline together to present a united front.

Mr Foss did not respond to a request to discuss the issue.