Napier mayor Bill Dalton has taken umbrage at not being consulted before Hastings District Council developed material for regional investment attraction, a decision Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule said was because of Napier's poor attitude.

Hastings launched its sales material to an invited audience that included Mr Dalton on Tuesday.

"Surely it would be much more powerful if they had been produced in consultation with other councils, so we could have a more balanced look at Hawke's Bay," he said.

The material was "clearly produced in secret".


"I meet regularly with my fellow Hawke's Bay mayors and the chair of the regional council and we discuss ways we can improve the region and attract new businesses - generate some life in the Hawke's Bay economy - and this has never been raised."

He said the resource did not represent Napier and through "the courtesy of consultation" the videos could have represented the region better.

"They say they want to be one region and do things on a regional basis and then they go off and do something like this."

He said economic development agency Business Hawke's Bay (BHB) was created for such a project.

"Why have we got one city, that has rushed off in a tangent to do this, when we have Business Hawke's Bay?"

Hastings mayor Lawrence Yule said the driver for the material was Hastings' own need and BHB was fully consulted.

"Until there has been a change in approach in Napier City Council we will never do any of this type of stuff with them," he said.

"Our council made the decision to just get on and do it."


He said it was designed for organisations to add their part. "Napier is free to use our material.

"We are just getting on and doing the business and BHB has supported us in this."

He said Hastings had always supported BHB financially whereas Napier City Council "has only just come on board".