The Kihikihi section of Waipā District Council's Waikeria wastewater pipeline got under way this week, with works commencing along Rolleston St and Flat Rd.

The council's service delivery group manager, Dawn Inglis, says traffic management and detours will be in place to allow the construction of the new pipeline.

"We are installing a pipe on Rolleston St which will connect to the Kihikihi wastewater network approximately 100m along Flat Rd. To ensure the pipe is laid to the correct grade, we need to open the road for the installation," says Dawn.

"Kihikihi residents may need to allow a few extra minutes to their drive as road detours will be in place while we do this work."

Once completed, the new pipe will bring wastewater from Waikeria Correctional Facility through Kihikihi to connect with the Kihikihi wastewater network at Flat Rd.

Wastewater will then go through to Te Awamutu Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment.

"We expect the Rolleston St portion of the pipe installation to be completed by the end of September. There are also pipes to be installed along Moule, Galloway, and Church streets which will take place over the next four months," says Dawn.

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