A hazardous intersection in Te Awamutu will be upgraded with new road markings in the coming weeks to improve visibility for drivers.

Council contractors will add markings to the intersection of Mandeno and Carlton streets – a spot that has seen a number of crashes in recent years. Work will be carried out when weather allows.

Lane lines and a painted median will be added to Carlton St to define traffic lanes, provide a waiting space for cars turning into Mandeno St and perceptually narrow the space.

Painted 'islands', or painted splitter islands, will be installed on Mandeno St to help define lane position and highlight the intersection to approaching drivers.

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Waipā District Council transportation manager Bryan Hudson said improving road markings was an effective measure that could quickly and easily be implemented.

"The majority of the crashes at this intersection have been a result of drivers failing to notice the intersection or give way to priority traffic," said Bryan.

"This suggests the road markings are not clear enough for drivers. Adding new road markings to highlight the intersection should make an immediate improvement.

"Lane lines to create the perception of a narrower road should also improve the safety of the intersection by helping drivers maintain a slower speed on Carlton St."

Hudson said while the crash record at the site did indicate an issue, it was at a lower risk than several other urban intersections, meaning it was a less urgent priority for significant funding to make major improvements.

"Adding new road markings is something we can easily put in place for a minimal cost. If these measures aren't successful then we will be exploring other solutions such as installing raised traffic islands to improve road safety."

Hudson said council would continue to monitor the intersection and further investigate pedestrian and cycling improvements.