Rob Wilson has launched his personal photography business CTR Photography Limited after Covid-19 led to him losing his cleaning business.

CTR or "Choose The Right" Photography is based in Te Awamutu and covers the whole of the Waikato.

Although he specialises in pet photography, Rob also photographs weddings, families and graduations.

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A trained photographer, Rob has been interested in taking pictures since he was 8 years old and he is very passionate about it.


He ran a small photography studio in Wellington many years ago before he started out on his own with the cleaning business, and he had kept photography as a hobby.

"I've dabbled in a bit of commercial photography," Rob says.

"When our business finally closed down because of Covid-19, my wife looked at me and said 'You're a professional photographer. Why don't you do that?'"

Getting older had made the cleaning work harder on his body, so the need to change direction may have been a blessing in disguise for Rob.

"I love it and as I've been forced to go back into it, I just can't wait to sink my teeth in."

Contact Rob on 021 0266 7763 or ctrphotography20@gmail.com or for more information visit www.ctrphotography.com