Contractors carrying out council's annual autumn leaf fall collection in the busiest hubs around Waipā have been inundated with demand.

The service, which operates for 11 weeks from about May to July, collects leaves within designated areas of Cambridge, Te Awamutu and Kihikihi that have fallen from council owned street trees and protected trees.

The service also collects leaves from street trees or protected trees that have fallen into the adjacent properties. Residents can place these leaves in piles on the berm for collection.

Waipā District Council operations team leader Jennifer Braithwaite says demand had been significant this year due to a number of factors.

"One of the key issues we are seeing is residents, including those from outside the designated collection areas, dumping large quantities of leaves from their own private trees into the kerb and channel. This creates blockages and increases the workload for our contractors," says Jennifer.

"We ask that residents on leaf collection streets put leaves from street trees or protected trees out for collection on the berm, not in the kerb and channel.

"Residents on non-collection streets need to dispose of their leaves by other means."

Metallic Sweeping supervisor Bill Smith says although the increase in demand had been strenuous, the use of a tractor to bale the leaves was making collection easier.

"For the first time, we've decided to try using a tractor to collect and bale the leaves which has been fantastic. It has been a significant help and has saved us a lot of time. We will definitely be using it in the future," says Bill.

Leaves are collected weekly in Cambridge and Te Awamutu and fortnightly in Kihikihi. Collection maps are available online at