The owner of Te Awamutu based business Collin's Flooring Xtra is on a mission to give back to the community in the largest way he can.

For every linear metre of garage carpet sold Darren Marsom will donate $10 to a school in the Te Awamutu area.

The school the donation goes to will be nominated by the customer and Darren hopes all schools in the areas between Rukuhia to Kihikihi will come on board with the initiative.

"Everyone has someone or knows someone who goes to school so the initiative will reach a large amount of the community," said Darren.


"It's also a bit of a double whammy. We feel good and the customer also feels good to be giving back to the schools by making a purchase."

Donations to schools are expected to add up with Darren saying that they are selling garage carpet so much to the point where they always have to have at least 120 metres in store at all times.

As an example, he says a double garage costs approximately $1200 to be fitted with garage carpet and this would mean $120 donation made to a school.

"Ninety per cent of new house builds have garage carpet now so we have a lot of people asking for it. It's also quite versatile and not just restricted to garages," said Darren.

A donation to a school is eligible only if the customer purchases through Collin's Flooring Xtra and has their team install it.

Darren wants the initiative to start as soon as possible and has sent a letter to schools asking if they wish to participate. Once a school gives Darren the green light customers can donate to them.

"I know there are a million and one things that schools can use the money for. I know that there's kids that can't afford to go to school camp or to buy uniforms and some even don't have lunches so maybe it could be used for things like that," said Darren.

"Ultimately it's down to the schools discretion, I'm not going to control what the money goes towards just as long as it is benefiting the children."


Darren had been in partnership with co-owner Ross Collin's for 10 years before taking sole ownership of the business last year when Ross decided to retire.

Giving back to the community is something the business has always strived for. They've sponsored rugby teams at Te Awamutu College, cricket teams at Te Awamutu Marist and children for the IHC Christmas days.

This year they have planned to change things up a bit with the college and instead of sponsoring the boys' rugby teams they will sponsor the girls' first 15 rugby team.

"We do a whole lot of little things here and there. I don't really like the idea of just being a major sponsor for one thing," said Darren.