If every adult spent $10 a week at an independent Cambridge shop, it would put an estimated $6 million back into the town's economy each year.

That's according to the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, which is launching an initiative aiming to promote local businesses.

Totally Locally was created in the United Kingdom to help promote small communities and retailers competing with chain stores, large supermarkets and online shopping.

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce CEO Kelly Bouzaid says independent businesses and retailers are "the bedrock of our communities".


"When they thrive they create real jobs, cohesive towns and strong economies."

Kelly hopes adopting the initiative will remind people what products and services are available in Cambridge and encourage them to buy locally — whether it is Lotto tickets or fine cheese.

She says the town boasts a huge range of impressive local businesses and shops.
"There's nothing you can't buy in Cambridge," she says.

"You just need to walk down the main street to see the wonderful retail assets we have and the need to support them."

She says the formula of a $10 purchase per week per adult locally could make a positive impact and lead to more jobs and better facilities, with more money flowing back into the town.

Kelly launched Totally Locally on Waiheke Island in 2013 and says it was hugely popular and successful.

The initiative also started in the tiny Canterbury town of Geraldine in 2015, making Cambridge the third launch in New Zealand.

After moving from Waiheke Island to Cambridge, Kelly thought the initiative would be a good fit for Cambridge and has been supported by the Cambridge Community Board.


"The chamber wanted to give the township and retailers a refreshed initiative," she says. "It's a chance for locals to rediscover their town."

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce membership coordinator Aroha Croft says the idea of Totally Locally is to encourage people to think of Cambridge as their first port of call if they need a product or service.

She said shopping locally also had the potential benefits of less packaging with, for example, the option to take your own container to the butchery or deli.

Totally Locally Cambridge will be officially launched next Friday, October 4 with retailers receiving a customised toolbox and starter pack.

The 'LoveCambridgeNZ' Facebook page is also being rebranded to 'Totally Locally Cambridge'.

For more information contact the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce on 07 823 3460 or info@cambridgechamber.co.nz.