Cambridge woman Sarah Nicholl, owner of Stirling Sports, says she feels defeated.

On Sunday morning Sarah woke up to the news that her sports shop had been the target of a ram raid — for the fifth time in three years.

Thieves struck around 4.15am on Sunday when they drove a vehicle into the front doors.

The car was rammed into the shop's new steel ram bar five times before the concrete it was attached to crumbled and gave way.


Two offenders crawled underneath the ram bar into the shop before making off with clothes and hats.

A dumped vehicle was later found and will be examined by police.

Sarah says she feels tired and defeated after the fifth ram raid in three years.

"It tends to happen once every six months," she says.

"When I opened up shop in 2016 I did not expect this to happen.

"I feel sad that people think they can take things that aren't theirs."

Sarah says the shop has gradually increased its security since the first ram raid.

It has installed security cameras, alarms, grills and most recently a steel ram bar — but to no avail.


Sarah was anticipating to be ram raided again, asking builders not to throw out the temporary shop front because she expected she would need it again.

She was still unsure as to the value of the items stolen.

Sarah says Stirling Sports stores are often targeted due to their desirable, fashionable and expensive items.

The Te Awamutu store was struck twice in five weeks in 2017 and the Hamilton branch at The Base Shopping Centre was also hit in July 2017 and tens of thousands of dollars' worth of stock taken.

Sarah thanked the support of the local community — especially the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce and the Cambridge Community Board — for its support over the last three

The shop was closed on Sunday and Monday and hoped to re-open today.