A passion for photography and a love of dogs was the perfect recipe for Tayla Couling to start her own business.

The 19-year-old Kihikihi woman is the creative mind behind Snap It Quick, which specialises in dog photography and pet portraiture.

Tayla has been surrounded by dogs her whole life.

Pedigree boxer Virani, snapped by photographer Tayla Couling. Photo / Snap it Quick
Pedigree boxer Virani, snapped by photographer Tayla Couling. Photo / Snap it Quick

Her family has been breeding and showing pedigree dogs for the last 18 years, with Tayla involved from the age of eight.


She says growing up in the country around animals is where her appreciation for nature and pets comes from.

Tayla first picked up a camera at Hillcrest High School, and soon began taking photos of nature and dogs around home.

She practised her dog photography skills by taking photos of dogs at shows and other public events.

Photographing regularly helped Tayla develop an eye for capturing finer details in portraiture.

She says these skills enabled her to focus on the qualities of each dog — the details of each pet such as strands of hair, folds of skin and facial expressions.

Tayla has a keen eye for creativity and a love of all types of photography — dog photography, macro (photographing objects that are very close to the lens), landscape, buildings, abstract, portraiture and wildlife.

She says knowing how to handle dogs and grab their attention is part of her success in taking that perfect shot.

"Dogs are a subject I'm used to looking at every day," Tayla says.

"I know how to behave around them and bring out the unique personality of each dog I meet. That's the key to making my photos really stand out."

"It's about being quick on my feet and adjusting my camera settings to suit any situation.

"The key is to be in the moment and capture it successfully."

Tayla's favourite breed of dogs are Rottweilers and boxers — but she loves all dogs for their personalities and unique features.

"You can never get bored with dogs — they keep you on your toes."

Tayla says having a dog photographed is a special occasion for many people.

"Those photos will be with the family forever — even after their dog passes on," she says.

"I capture dogs in a way that evokes emotion in the owners."

During a job, Tayla visits pets in their natural environment, such as their home or a local park, and takes a wide range of shots.

Tayla offers various price packages and private photoshoots, depending on the interests and budget of the client.

Her long-term goals are to grow her business and own a photography shop or studio.

Find Snap It Quick on Facebook and Instagram, or contact Tayla at snapitquickphotography@gmail.com or 0276241587.