Deb Casey wants to abolish the 'harden up, she'll be right' attitude and help Waipā residents overcome stress and suicidal thoughts.

The Te Awamutu business owner has launched Waipā Stress & Mental Wellness Directory — a Facebook group that puts local wellness providers under one umbrella.

This year Deb completed suicide prevention training after an experience supporting a friend with depression and suicidal thoughts.

During her LifeKeeper training she realised Waipā residents needed to know what businesses, services, products and community groups are available in the district.


"People often know they need to get help, but don't know where to start," Deb says.

The Facebook directory is a virtual platform for Cambridge and Te Awamutu businesses and groups to list their contact details, events and products.

Practitioners can range from gyms and yoga studios to counsellors and financial advisors.

Deb has a background in health and body therapy and owns The Remedy Retreat business in Te Awamutu.

She helps people manage stress and anxiety through body, mind and relaxation techniques originating in traditional Chinese medicine.

Her business is one of many that will be listed in the directory. Now, Deb needs other businesses owners and groups to jump on board.

She wants Waipā businesses and providers to get in touch and list their services. She hopes the directory is the first step towards a happier, healthier district.

Eventually she hopes to host events which feature guest speakers sharing messages about wellbeing.


She says the directory will allow people to ask for help in whatever shape or form they need.

"People deal with stress, anxiety and depression all the time — and they all heal in different ways."

She wants the stigma around asking for help to be changed.

"We need to realise it's okay to not be okay, as long as you don't stay there.

"It's important to know there is still hope and support within the community, which can help get you the right information for improving your mental wellbeing."

For more information contact Deb on 021 525 182 or find Waipā Stress & Mental Wellness Directory on Facebook.