Two Te Awamutu artists, who are also neighbours, are joining forces to put on an exhibition this month.

Debsi Gillespie and Greta Cabrita live on Christie Avenue. They formed a friendship after becoming neighbours three years ago.

This month they are showcasing their art in an exhibition called Nature and Spirit at ArtsPost on Victoria St, Hamilton.

The pair say they both derive artistic inspiration from nature.


Although the artists don't create art together physically, they encourage and bounce ideas off each other.

They were able to put on the exhibition with the help of a Creative Waikato grant.

Ms Cabrita will showcase around 40 of her ceramic works, mostly porcelain.

"I collect the materials that form the basis of my work from my garden and on walks," she says.

"Real flowers, leaves and seed pods are coated in multiple layers of clay slip before firing."
"During the firing process the flower or leaf is burnt out and the resulting stone, leaf or flower remains."

"I look at the flower and feel its beauty — my work is simply trying to hold onto that beauty for as long as possible."

Ms Cabrita also creates vintage-inspired porcelain bowls, which will be on display at the exhibition.

Mrs Gillespie will showcase paintings of nature and portraits of people.

"I see the essential essence of each subject whether it be of a person, flower or stone," she says.

"It is portrayed in my work with interesting and often surprising results. I see spirit of nature in differing colours and believe they are all connected."

The Nature and Spirit preview evening is on Thursday, December 21 at 5.30pm at ArtsPost on Victoria St, Hamilton. The exhibition runs for five weeks. Contact Mrs Gillespie on