Te Awamutu Space Centre owner Dave Owen is presenting Star Gazing with Space Dave at the Te Awamutu Library tomorrow evening to help people find the important objects in our wintersky.

Mr Owen says he will start with a talk in the Community Room to go over the basic concepts of star gazing and what you can see in the night sky - even with the naked eye.

He says the talk will explain Earth's place in the solar system, the movements of stars and planets and how to identify some of the common stars and plants, such as the Southern Cross and the big winter constellation, Scorpius.

Mr Owen will also talk about Matariki - but that is only visible in the morning at this time of the year.


The viewing is weather dependant, but Space Dave hopes to be able to get outside under a clear sky and get people doing naked eye observing - as well as using a telescope.

The free event starts at 6.30pm and is aimed at older students and adults - although everyone is welcome.