The future location of Curbside Cuisine has come up for discussion around the Mayor's table following discussions over the planned regular Friday night event.

As this edition went to press there was talk that an alternative location might be agreed on for this week's event.

Regent Theatre owner Allan Webb was highly critical of the decision to hold the event outside his theatre Friday night when he was open for business.

He feared his patronage was well down on Friday night and the theatre ran at a loss.


He said the success of the attendance at Curbside Cuisine was to the detriment of his, and other, businesses in town.

Mr Webb also said the street was extremely dirty Saturday morning and even the regular cleaner commented. Setting up for the event started well before 5pm, so parking for shoppers was restricted while many businesses were still open.

Some of the nearby shopkeepers had not been informed about the event and were taken by surprise on Friday afternoon.

We posted two stories on our Facebook page and there were a huge number of comments both for an against the event.

Most against couldn't see the logic of the location and many had sympathy for Mr Webb and other food outlets in Te Awamutu.

However, many also said it was good to have something new in town and we should 'give it a go'.

At yesterday's Continuing Education meeting, 60 members signed a petition to have Curbside Cuisine moved away from the Regent Theatre.

In today's Letters to the Editor there are differing views on how to make the CBD more energised and interesting.


The discussions prompted Council to re-think the location.

The communication about this event, the reasoning and rationale and opportunity for consultation has been completely missing.