Mixed martial clubs in the Waikato are coming together on March 30 for the first of an annual Waikato martial arts seminar at The Peak in Rototuna, Hamilton.

The seminar brings together the different martial arts for an all-inclusive event for the community.

"Every art has something beautiful to offer with amazing people behind it," said Molly Allen, who has helped organise the Mixed Martial Arts seminar.

"This is a day to bring together people with similar interests for a day of fun and networking in a relaxed environment."


"Bringing everyone together was an easy task and everyone was extremely excited."

Led by the Waikato Martial Arts seminar, the event will bring together a mixed variety of martial arts including Judo, Goju, Wing Chun, Boxing, Aikido, Muay-Thai, Filipino martial arts, Kyokushin, Shotokan and Taekwondo.

Of the clubs attending, 10 instructors from throughout the Waikato region all from differing martial arts styles will take stations teaching participants something from their style.

Participants are registered from the community and community based clubs throughout the Waikato.

The day-long event will cater to everyone from people with no experience, through to lifetime of experience, four year olds right through to senior adults. This event is open to individuals from the community wanting to give martial arts a try.

Another member of a local martial arts group, James Snowball, said taking martial arts up is good for the body and mind.

"It will last you all your life. I am about to turn 68 and still vigorous in the sport." Snowball said.

Each year the group will look to grow this event in different ways and develop smaller scale events to continue to grow the friendships within the Martial Arts community.


If you are interested in securing a place for the seminar and joining the network please email norris.academy@outlook.com in order to register.

Door sales will be limited. Under 10, $25 per person; over 10, $30 per person. Doors open at 8am and close at 8.45am for a 9am start on March 30 at the Peak.