Hamilton City Council has lodged a resource consent application to demolish the outdoor Municipal Pools near the corner of Victoria Street and Anzac Parade.

The century-old pools which have a Category B Heritage ranking in the district plan - were closed in June 2012 because of structural and safety issues.

The pools, at the south end of Victoria St, ceased operating in 2012. In June 2015, the council voted to permanently close the facility, despite efforts by members of the public, including lobby group Sink or Swim, to save the pools.

The council said today that its resource consent application was lodged with its Planning Guidance Unit, but the application will be processed by an independent planning consultant who will consider submissions from the public.


The council asked that the application be publicly notified which means members of the public and interested organisations can have a say on the proposal, through an online portal on the council's website.

If submissions are made, a consent hearing will be held and chaired by an independent commissioner or commissioners, who will hear and decide on the application to demolish the pools.

The consent process could take up to six months.

That council says that if demolition of the Municipal Pools proceeds, the site will be returned to green space, consistent with the adjacent riverside reserve.

Hamilton City Council is looking to construct a new swimming pool, with the help of a private partnership, at the proposed Rototuna Town centre in the north east of Hamilton.