A violent attack on our Muslim community set off a national outpouring of grief, compassion and love.

'This is not us' became a popular catch cry. But isn't it?

Because the way I see it, this is us right now. It becomes easy for those born white to be sheltered from the racism that exists in New Zealand every day.

We see white supremacist attacks as an incident in isolation. But it isn't.


I'm going to ask you to do something that is uncomfortable and confronting and I'm asking you to do this not as an accusation but because I want us to change. I don't want this to be us.

I want you to picture a line, a continuum — at one end is green, an inclusive society, and at the other red, mass murder.

Somewhere in the middle is casual racism, anti-immigration policies, racial profiling and euro-centric systems. Where do we as a nation sit? Where do you sit? Have you made or tolerated racist comments? Jokes? Would you vote for a hijab-wearing candidate for council or hire them for your business? Do you blame migrants and refugees for not owning your own home? Taking your job?

Accepting these comments and sentiments from ourselves and those around us gives those in the red permission to continue with their extreme views. Nothing happens in isolation. What do we tolerate? What don't we tolerate?

If you think this isn't us, perhaps talk to someone who isn't white about their experiences. Give nothing to racism.

Kelli Pike, known as Kelli from the Tron, is a blogger and Free FM podcaster on political, environmental and social issues for the city.