A man will have a bit of explaining to do after managing to crash and roll his car on a 30km/h stretch of a Hamilton street, leaving it directly underneath the city's Christmas tree.

However, police say it was lucky the unwelcome, and unwrapped, present didn't take out any pedestrians after crashing on Victoria St, opposite SkyCity casino, about 9pm yesterday.

The driver managed to somehow mount the kerb and a traffic island then flipping and rolling the car towards the tree.

Although the man walked away unscathed he may have to make an appearance in the Hamilton District Court after he was processed for drink and drug driving.


Waikato police posted about the man's deed on Facebook stating most people would know "how simple and relatively slow this part of the road should be".

Those of you that know where this photo was taken will appreciate how simple and relatively slow this part of the road...

Posted by Waikato Police on Monday, 17 December 2018

"Unfortunately, when it comes to driving impaired things take a sharp turn for the worst. This is why we really continue the message of don't drive under the influence!

"Amazingly no one was injured. We all know how many people walk around this area and what the potential could have been.

"The driver has now been processed for drink/drug driving and we will see what the result of a blood test will reveal."

Police reminded motorists to drive safely over the Christmas period.