Katie Hine is completing a Graduate Diploma in environmental waste management and for four years has been working towards zero waste.

In this series, Katie shares her top tips to reduce waste in 2019.

4 - The waste jar.

Katie has collected all her personal waste from four months of waste free living, and keeps it all in one glass jar.


"I try to collect all the waste I create," Katie said. "It keeps me accountable.

"When minimising your waste, don't feel you have to go without just because of the waste. What makes the real difference is the consciousness and thinking about how much you're producing and whether you need it."

But first she brushes her teeth with the waste free toothpaste she made earlier.

"It's not like normal toothpaste, it is a little bit salty, it doesn't foam up, but you'll find that after you clean your teeth, they feel so much cleaner than conventional toothpaste."

After four years, Katie has discovered many simple ways to cut down waste. Her blog is at www.zerobelow.co.nz

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