I've been following your column for months now and I like your advice. Thank you. I'd love to know what fashion mistakes, if any, you've made over time.

None! Hah, if only. Yes, I've made plenty of mistakes; they've helped me get to where I am today. And yes, I still make mistakes.

My biggest mistakes:

*Buying shoes that are too small, too big, too high or too jolly uncomfortable, either because I just had to have them or they were on sale. I'm still learning about this one.


*Similarly, buying things on sale because I couldn't look past the bargain. Whatever I bought was never going to be right - size, colour or style-wise. What was I thinking?

*Convincing myself that grey really is my colour. It is so not. Come to think of it, neither is black, but it does pass as being acceptable.

*For years, buying clothes that were far too big and baggy on me. I have a small frame and I would've been far better off wearing more fitted clothes. I tell myself it was the fashion at the time.

*Convincing myself that uncomfortable clothes, shoes and jewellery will be super comfortable once I've bought them. Really!

*Fashion faux pas - too many to count but, in fairness to myself, I wasn't the only one, and the fashion industry did dangle them in front of us.

Okay, that's more than enough about the less-than-perfect personal stylist I am.

Lisa Lyford is the founder of Gorgeous Me, free DIY personal styling and makeover advice. www.gorgeousme.co.nz
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