Regular visitors from Australia, the Old Spice Boys, are teaming up with New Zealand's "original" Big Muffin Serious Band for a show in Te Awamutu.

Backstage Pass presents Ukulele Experiment 3 at The Woolshed Theatre on May 20.

Pushing their minimal instruments far beyond skiffle, into swing, jazz, blues, reggae, vaudeville, dub and R&B;, Old Spice Boys are a deliciously entertaining trio with music that's fresh and centred around finely crafted tunes and inspired arrangements.

Azo Bell is the current holder of the much-coveted international Tomahawk Prince of Light Metal award for ukulele virtuosity.


The Big Muffin Serious Band have been creating their closely-crafted ukulele-based, musical mayhem for nearly 30 years.

Described by Olde Music Express Magazine as "... a cross between country-punk, skiffle and barbershop rock ...", the Muffins play popular hits from the 1920s, along with loving parodies of more recent music and musical oddities from around the world.

Although they have played all over New Zealand and also Britain, France and Ukestan, these days they are equally well known for their unique Dancing Chords Ukulele Tuition workshops and videos.

Ukulele Experiment 3: The Woolshed Theatre, Mahoe Street, Te Awamutu, Sunday, May 20 at 7.30pm. Tickets $15 from Te Awamutu Courier or Trade Me (type Ukulele Experiment).