With the Western world's increasing focus on environmental sustainability, Steens' simple, very readable book provides useful information about growing fruit in your New Zealand garden all year.

With chapters on what you can grow, how to look after your crops, controlling pests and diseases, and an A to Z of fruit trees, the novice and the knowledgeable are catered for.

The many colour photographs help to show the reader what to look for, how to shape the trees, what to grow below them and how to use mulch.

I also found useful the suggestions relating to climate, soil and space.


The garden plans are also very useful, as are the suggestions concerning tree types and sizes suited to urban and suburban situations.

Improving the quality of fruit by pruning and thinning, and understanding the value of mulching and underplanting, are also explained clearly, as is how to train trees.

Manufactured and homemade pesticides are considered, with recipes given for the latter.

The benefits of keeping on top of problems are simply expressed.

They include why it is smart to remove mummified fruit and how to deal with insect nuisances.

Grow It Yourself Fruit and Nuts

by Andrew Steens

David Bateman, $39.95