A fundraising event organised by Shama Ethnic Women's Centre, Hamilton, the show will take attendees on a journey around the world and help them discover the "why" and "how" of women's clothing.

"It's not just practicality and beauty that prompt women to choose to wear something," says event organiser and manager at Shama, Silvana Erenchun Perez. "For many of them, it is also a sense of identity".

One of the highlights of the show will be a showcase of Srishti Kaur's collection. The Hamilton designer participated at the Vancouver Fashion Week in September 2017, and this year displayed her latest collection of bridal and evening gowns in the New Zealand Fashion Week's Emerging Couture Designer category.

"I watched my mother sew, and I've always been fascinated by a sewing machine," says Srishti.


"As a child, it was like magic to me. As I grew older I started to take sewing classes in school and with practice I got really good.

"The interest turned into a passion and with an immense gut feeling I decided to study fashion design. It was only a few years after graduating I found my true passion — gowns."

Srishti is not the only local designer being featured in the event. Local legend Annah Stretton will showcase some of her party attire and everyday professional clothing collection at the show.

"We want the show to be glamorous and attractive, but more importantly, we want the show to align with our values, and so it has to be an empowering women's event", says Silvana.

"For this reason, the show has several categories highlighting women at work, attending parties and weddings, and donning traditional wear, sportswear and accessories.

"You will see models of all ages and shapes. We want to highlight real women, confident in their own skin and body".

Fashion Fusion Show is at The Meteor Theatre on Saturday, October 27 with doors opening at 6pm, and the show from 6.45pm. Tickets are $50 ($40 for students and seniors) and will include nibbles and a drink. All proceeds will go into supporting Shama's work in the community. Visit www.themeteor.co.nz for tickets and shama.org.nz/ for more information about Shama Ethnic Women's Centre.
The Fashion Fusion Show is Shama Ethnic Women's Centre's annual fundraising event.

Shama was formed in 2002 by a group of women who recognised that the challenges faced by ethnic women are complex and unique, and their needs often sit outside what is catered for by mainstream social services and support programmes.


Shama's vision is for all ethnic women in New Zealand to achieve their aspiration as Mana Wāhine, to be respected and welcomed into their communities and the wider community, free from fear, prejudice and violence.

The primary objective of Shama is to be a vibrant, sustainable social service organisation that provides culturally appropriate support, advocacy, and programmes to ethnic women, their children and families, and to be a source of strength and empowerment for ethnic women of all ages.