It's been a huge year for Hamilton publication Blacklisted, but editors Naomi Johnston and Jess Molina said next year it's only going to get bigger.

"We are growing in pages which means more content," said Jess.

"There is just so much talent out there, so many stories to tell, so many ideas going on and we'd be crazy not to be smart about doing things! The overall direction of it is us still doing what we've always wanted, having the same goals and vision for it, but being more strategic about how we do things. This year was kind of like our 'tester cake' and now we really know how each other works, are on the same page of what we want for it, and have learnt how we can improve our everyday operations and naturally, each issue."

Founding editor Naomi Johnston started Blacklisted while in her second year at Wintec studying photography, and describes it as a "Hamilton-based publication with world class content".


"Blacklisted is primarily a lifestyle and culture magazine based in Hamilton. The content is drawn mainly from New Zealand talent and also features an internationally based artist every issue. It is sold in various locations in Hamilton and Tauranga. Some of the Hamilton sellers include Browsers Secondhand Bookshop on Victoria St, Accent Magazines on Alexandra S, Crate on Ward St and Soul Gallery on Barton St. The Tauranga sellers include Zeus Gallery and The Paper Plane Store in the Mount," she said.

"Our biggest competitors would include Frankie, Renegade Collective, Black, Remix and Riff Raff. Frankie and Renegade Collective for their overall content, Black and Remix for their local base and fashion content, and Riff Raff for their local base and interview content. The main thing that sets us apart is that we include fashion as well as lifestyle and artist interviews and we're local. "

Naomi said at this stage Blacklisted has five staff writers: Jade Laan, Gemma Stanbridge, Emma Pottinger, Oliver Dunn, and Matt Ferri, all recent Wintec graduates, but they are looking to expand.

"We are advertising new positions and will be making decisions on this in the next few weeks! It's really exciting to think that we can offer people something like this! Each person will have their own responsibilities and roles within the magazine, but we're also aware that everyone will be working on other jobs as well so we're really cautious about putting too much on one person. But Blacklisted provides a platform for talent and passions that may not have another outlet as such, so we know the team will be great!"

As managing editor, Jess said she is excited to see what the coming year holds for Blacklisted.

"I can see us hopefully branching out in the international market, moving from our current niche to something bigger. I also see us being a 'go-to' publication especially for creatives. The kind of magazine you pick up when you're feeling uninspired, or having a bad day, because you know the content is always good. I see us offering a different perspective in our articles even more so.

"I want it to be inspiring, a publication that is trusted. Ultimately, I want it to be a magazine that people can see themselves being in.

"Because that means we have inspired someone to do something magical and that for me is the greatest 'reward' one could ever get as an editor or magazine."