Three chefs who cook for some of the biggest rock bands on the planet have lifted the lid on the eating habits of the stars, including Australia's queen of pop Kylie Minogue.

The cooks reveal Minogue's meal of choice while on tour is beef tournedos with olives, a French steak dish.

Giles Broe, who cooks for the singer, says the dish is packed with protein.

"(Kylie is) often exhausted after a show: this is the perfect protein-rich pick-me-up," Broe's told British magazine The Sunday Times.


Radiohead frontman Thome Yorke "snacks" on sumac spiced aubergine and Lebanese salsa sliders before a gig, while his bandmates enjoy tucking in to partridge, quince and ginger gyoza.

Rockers Muse choose to eat wild rabbit risotto with smoked pancetta and fresh sage for their backstage fare.

Chef Sarah Muir, who looks after Radiohead's on-tour catering, says the exotic dishes show how pop stars' tastes have become more refined as they seek better nutrition to cope with life on the road.

"When I started touring in the early 1990s with heavy metal bands, most of the groups lived off bottles of Jack Daniel's, fast food and cigarettes," Muir told The Sunday Times.

"Back then, you'd throw an oven in the back of a van, drive to the venue and knock up a basic shepherd's pie. But gruelling tour schedules mean some artists are away from home for over a year.

"It's my job to ensure they can still shimmy into their skinny jeans, go out on stage and give it their all."