Top Energy's 31,000 customers will get a nice surprise when they receive this month's power bill, which will include a lines charge discount credited to their account.

Top Energy chief executive Russell Shaw said the credit - worth around $6 million - would be welcome in the lead-up to Christmas.

"All eligible electricity account holders, regardless of how they pay, will see the credit on their November power bill issued by their electricity retailer," Shaw said.

The credit would be based on the level of energy used, with 90 per cent of customers receiving a $200 rebate. Commercial clients would receive more, and low-usage customers less, he said.


Shaw said the credit, which would return $6m to the lines company's 31,000 customers, was a sign of continued investment in the Far North.

"In the next 10 years we will invest $170m in our network and $165m in new generation, to ensure a high-quality and secure supply of power for the people of the Far North," he said.

Over the past decade its $260m investment programme has involved substantial improvements to the network which now has an asset value of $250m – up from $128m when the programme started in 2009.

Owned by Far North folk via the Top Energy Consumer Trust, Top Energy was committed to providing a reliable and resilient electricity network that remained up to date with evolving technologies, such as localised generation and microgrids, he said.

More information about the lines charge credit is available at