Senior students and staff at Whanganui Girls' College celebrated the end of term on Friday by dressing up as superheroes.

Principal Tania King said it was a good opportunity for teachers to chill out with the students and have a laugh with them.

"It is really important. It's nice for all of the girls to understand that we're all human, we all like to have a laugh and that's what it's all about.

"We've had some fantastic leaders this year and we are celebrating them."


There have been many highlights at Girls' College on Jones St throughout the year, including visits from guest speakers such as Miss Universe New Zealand Jess Tyson.

"We've had a lot of sporting success with our girls and one of the big highlights is all of the different performances that we've had at school," King said.

"We've showcased what the girls have done in the classroom, but also in the evening so that the parents can see it."

There is plenty more to come, with Mike King visiting the school next week as well as prizegiving and graduation on December 11.

The event will celebrate student success and prepare for the future by naming the school leaders for 2019.

Year 12 students will be having an overnight leadership camp at the school before decisions are made.

"We find out what their goals are because it's really important that you get the student voice," King said.

"I can sit in my office and pretend I know what they want to achieve, but no, we start tracking them early on so when they come back next year they can hit the ground running."