The kids at Hastings Intermediate School have a new BMX track and 50 new bikes to keep them occupied.

Principal of Hastings Intermediate Perry Rush said the school wanted to create something fun and challenging for the students at the school.

The school boasts an impressive BMX team, sending three students to the AIMS Games in Tauranga earlier this year, Thomas Colman-Savage, Renae Colman-Savage and Nora Troup .

The Colman-Savage siblings each placed second in their age group.


Rush said there were three tracks in total, catering for different skill levels, a circuit track, a skills track and a pump track, which is the challenging new BMX track.

He said the pump track was a first for New Zealand intermediate schools.

They hoped to use the track to improve fitness, build confidence and for the kids to have fun.

They will also be teaching the children about safety in the wider community when it comes to bikes.

Rush wanted to thank First Light Community Foundation Limited; Grassroots Trust Limited; New Zealand Community Trust; NZ Transport Agency; The North and South Trust Limited; The Sanderson Trust for supporting the track.

He also wanted to thank Paul McArdle, who helped connect the school with contractors and suppliers.