A business selling products through advertisements on television has launched an investigation following the failed delivery of an item to a Northland man.

Whangārei retiree 85-year-old Robert McQuinn ordered a vegetable peeler and slicer from Brand Developers after seeing it advertised on television.

With arthritis making it difficult to peel vegetables he thought the gadget could be the answer to his pain.

A bank cheque was organised, sent and the money taken from his account on June 11.


Last Friday after nearly three months of wrangling with the company and no peeler to show for his money, or time, he asked the Northern Advocate to help.

One phone call to the company by the Advocate saw Brand Developers make direct contact with McQuinn.

McQuinn said he was told the order was on its way and should finally be with him by tomorrow.

Brand Developers were also going to refund the cost of the item and McQuinn would receive a couple more products free of charge as a goodwill gesture.

"He sounded genuine and nearly in tears. I was pleased he rang me and he sounded like he could sort that place out. In my opinion it sounded like the staff were letting management down," McQuinn said.

He was surprised by the speedy response after the newspaper took up his fight, but relieved as well.

"I can have a good night's sleep now. I was really upset about it."

He was keenly anticipating the arrival of the peeler and slicer so he could try it out.


"I can't wait to try it out. When I saw it advertised I thought it could be the answer for me."

He thanked the Northern Advocate for its help and said without it he doubted whether he would have got the same result. McQuinn said he may in future order other items from the company.

Brand Developers general manager of customer management Javid confirmed in a written statement he had reviewed McQuinn's account and had personally called him to rectify the unfortunate situation.

"Unfortunately due to internal errors both system and human, Robert's account was held up for this period which I will be investigating further and addressing accordingly," Javid said.

"I will follow up personally with Robert next week to ensure that everything is in order and I will also be investigating all the internal processes thoroughly, as we thrive on providing excellent service to our valued customers."

He said the delivery timeframe was usually between 10-14 days from the time of payment received.