Sometimes you just can't fight genetics.

Ask Paul McDowell, who is now the fifth generation of his family selling property to Rotorua residents.

The McDowell name has been firmly entrenched in Rotorua real estate for more than a century with Paul's great-great-grandfather Thomas establishing the business in 1911.

Since then Thomas' son John, grandson Gordon and great-grandson Ian have played a part in establishing one of Rotorua's oldest business.


In 2016, and after 105 years of McDowell ownership, either solely or in partnership, the business was sold to Steve and Mel Lovegrove.

It was later that year the Lovegroves got to know, and had a few discussions with, Paul McDowell about joining the team.

"I think when we talked to Paul about joining us there was a real opportunity for him to come under his own steam as opposed to in the shadow of his father as the owner of the business," Steve Lovegrove said.

"In 2016 we'd made a few changes and the business had rebranded, I think Paul liked the idea of following in his father's footsteps but being able to do things differently. The changes, including perhaps the change of ownership, provided Paul the opportunity to do that."

Lovegrove said carrying the McDowell name was an advantage in the industry in Rotorua but acknowledged Paul would have to forge his own path.

"Right now he widening his range by working in commercial and lakes sector and also with future developments."

Lovegrove said he and his wife saw themselves as guardians of Professionals McDowell Real Estate.

"We have the business for a segment of its long journey and, somewhere along that journey, there may be the opportunity for Paul to take over the reins one day. The future will tell."


For now, Paul said he was enjoying helping people fulfil their dreams when buying a home.

"This is something I'm really passionate about."

He admitted he grew up with real estate but said his father always kept business quite separate from home life.

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"Dad worked more on the management side but we'd often go to the office after school and if he'd had a good outcome with something he was pursuing, you could see his excitement."

Since leaving school, the young McDowell has studied accounting and finance, working at Deloitte up until 2016.

He said he also travelled a bit and part of that travel involved building mountain bike tracks around the world.

"It's good to be able to bring that business background into real estate."

He said he was looking forward a long career within the real estate industry and, while enjoying what he was doing, hoped he might have the chance to be the fifth generation of his family to own or part-own the business.

"But that's a lot further down the track."