While locals may not be regular visitors to the city's holiday parks, the sector is holding its own in the accommodation market, making up 14 per cent of Rotorua's total guest nights.

According to the latest figures from Holiday Parks New Zealand, Rotorua holiday parks recorded 333,000 guest nights between May 2017 and 2018.

It saw an increase in guest nights by 16 per cent year-on-year, compared with an overall guest night increase of 6.54 per cent for Rotorua.

Holiday Parks New Zealand Rotorua group chairwoman Jasmine Adams said holiday parks could be a common theme for favourite childhood memories.


"In the past year, 61 per cent of visitors to our Rotorua holiday parks were from New Zealand, with many of those being repeat visitors."

Rotorua has nine holiday parks located across the city, from Ngongotahā to Hannahs Bay, the Blue Lake and everywhere in between.

"Each of the city's holiday parks offers a unique experience.

"Those which are located near fishing spots or the lakes provide an array of activities on or in the water, while parks in town provide a central base for travelling around the city. Each of them enables visitors to make the most of all the different activities Rotorua has to offer."

Adams said the growth in the holiday park sector meant the businesses were making an important contribution to the local economy, as well as ongoing investments in the community.

"Three of the parks alone spend more than $1.1 million on wages annually, with local employment at a high during peak periods.

"We are at the heart of the local community and do as much as we can to put something back into it, including providing jobs, sponsorship and local donations."

Adams said the Rotorua group of holiday parks worked closely together to achieve a greater profile for their sector.


"As a group, we are passionate about holiday parks and we all work together for the greater good. This is reflected in the continued growth that we experience."

She said the local holiday parks were continually upgrading their accommodation and facilities to provide a better experience for visitors.

"Holiday parks have changed significantly in recent years.

"You can still get the traditional Kiwi camping experience but you can also get everything from free wi-fi, backpacker accommodation, five-star motel units, swimming pools and a resort-style environment.

"We are operating in an ever-changing visitor market. Holiday parks truly offer a unique accommodation option, which appeals to all kinds of visitors – including locals."

Destination Rotorua chief executive Michelle Templer said there was a great range of accommodation options in Rotorua.


"Holiday parks in Rotorua provide fantastic options from camping sites through to top quality cabins and show great manaakitanga which, along with other business owners, is a big part of what makes Rotorua a preferred and repeat holiday destination."