Local businesses are being praised by police after their initiative in preventing crime has proved a success.

It comes after Hawke's Bay's businesses took a stand against burglaries, thefts, poaching, drug cultivation and boy racers affecting Hastings' rural areas by investing in new signs warning potential offenders they are being watched.

Following the decision to replace some ageing Neighbourhood Support Group (NSG) signs, local businesses were approached to become part of the new initiative.

An action group was formed and thanks to the support of sponsors Farmlands, FMG Insurance, Tumu ITM, Hastings District Council, Gwen Maldon Trust, Zoar Trust and East Coast Rural Support Trust, the project has been very effective.


Senior Constable Greg Andrew credited the local businesses for their assistance throughout.

"It could not have been achieved if not for their involvement and generosity to provide support around crime prevention into the local rural areas," he said.

"A special note of thanks must be made to Noel Houston of Hastings Farmlands, Mike Barham from East Coast Rural Support Trust and John Dawson from Hastings District Council."

Farmlands Hastings business manager Noel Houston said, "Rural communities are the key to Farmlands' existence and we thought it was well worthwhile to partner up and provide them with support.

"For us it is about looking after the rural areas where a number of Farmlands shareholders live. We have a great team assembled with FMG and Tumu Timbers to help these community hubs keep themselves safe."

A Hastings District Council spokesperson said the council is very supportive of their efforts and can offer assistance such as connecting the group to the council's neighbourhood support resources.

"It's great that these organisations have got together and taken the initiative to prevent crime and nuisance activities."